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Your Guide to Two Way Radios: Why you need them?

Does your business need Two Way Radios?

Well, that depends on your business, the set up and how you and your staff communicate.

There are many benefits to using Two Way Radios, these benefits range from better communication within your company to increasing productivity. But what are two-way radios and why should you use them?

You asked us why, some answers below:

  • Lockdowns
  • Evacuations
  • Improve communication
  • Maintain social distancing

Two-way radios can improve your team’s productivity, increase health and safety on-site, provide better customer service and contribute to the overall efficiency and communication of your business.

What Industries use Two-way Radios?

We supply our radios to a range of industries across a variety of departments including recycling, transport, hospitals, schools, councils, security and stadiums.

DCS Two Way Radio can provide you with products/services to suit you. Some mentioned below:

  • License Exempt Hand Portable Radios
  • Long- and Short-Term Hire
  • Maintenance

All of our equipment falls into three categories:

Also known as walkie talkies handled radios are the type of radio you see people carrying around, offering quick and easy communication.

This is a vehicle-mounted two-way radio that is placed in your car or truck and uses your vehicle's battery for power.

They act as a booster to help increase the range of your portable handheld radios.

We aim to provide all of our customers with reliable radio communications equipment. We also provide aftersales services and ongoing maintenance to ensure the process is easy and painless to managed for you.

DCS Two Way Radio Features:

Safety Features

There are a range of safety features that can be installed or programmed into your two-way radios. The ‘emergency alert’ or ‘man down’ features enable users to alert other radios users if they are in danger or have been hurt. ‘Lone worker’ is another fantastic safety feature that requires users to check-in at certain times, if the users don’t check in an alert is triggered.

Text Messaging

This useful feature is ideal for transmitting information that might be difficult to remember via an audio message, or that needs to be stored for reference.

Caller ID

When a user transmits a message the user's ID is sent to all radios with a display screen.

Digital encryption

This is so that other radios cannot listen in on your communications, this feature is available on most digital radios for security.

Two Way Radio Features 

Our Two-Way Radio Services 

Whether you’re looking for two-way radio hire, digital on-site radio systems or wide-area digital radio networks, we can provide you with our expertise and knowledge to ensure you have the best solution for your business.

Two-way Radio Hire

Purchasing two-way radios can be a big upfront investment. If you only need radios temporarily or don’t want to worry about maintenance and repairs two-way radio hire is a fantastic solution.

We provide long and short-term two-way radio hire packages to a variety of industries and events. Our radio hire packages include everything you need to ensure your event or business continues to run smoothly, from high-quality two-way radios to eco-friendly re-chargeable batteries.

On-site Radio Systems

From the hospitality sector to the factory floor, a busy department store or site security, an on-site two-way radio system is one of many tools that can make your business more efficient and improve the safety of your workers if they operate over a large site.

Wide Area Digital Radio Networks

Wide area digital radio networks link radio sites together via base station repeaters to form a wide area network that reaches great distances. This is useful for communicating over large sites or locations and works with both handheld and vehicle-mounted radios.

Lease Radio Equipment

Leasing radio equipment is a flexible alternative to purchasing or upgrading your radio system outright. We offer clients the option between two- and five-year leases to finance new radio equipment, with monthly or quarterly payments.

Icom PoC Radio Nationwide Coverage

Our nationwide coverage radios provide you with high-quality PoC radios that are available for purchase or hire. This solution utilises existing 3G and 4G mobile networks across the country to deliver reliable communication.

To find out more information about two-way radios contact us on 0800 294 7766, we can guide you in the right direction to find you your ideal two-way radio solution.

Released On 21st Sep 2020

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