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Radio Maintenance

Two Way Radio System Maintenance

Ensure peace of mind for your repeater base station. Affordable maintenance & repair options.

Your digital two way radio equipment is extremely reliable, but like any modern technology, things can occasionally go wrong.

It’s not such an issue when a handset develops a fault – keeping a spare is a very common and affordable option while the faulty unit is away for repair.

But what do you do if a repeater base station isn’t working properly? A fault with this equipment will have a negative effect on all radio users on the system and a huge impact on your business:

  • Lost communication 
  • Dramatically reduced efficiency and productivity.  

This will inevitably cost your business money somewhere along the line. When a situation arises with your repeater base station, it needs resolving quickly and efficiently.

The solution

At DCS 2 Way Radio Ltd we have put together a competitive maintenance package to combat this potential issue, and would recommend it to all companies using a repeater base station.

This provides customers with the following benefits:

Pro-active benefits

  • Annual health check - a site visit by an experienced professional to test your repeater is operating to full specification
  • If a fault is found, a replacement is installed and the faulty unit taken away for repair
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • Peace of mind that a solution is in place and a clear understanding of what will happen and when.

If you need to call

  • 4-hour response time from initial telephone call (if on 24/7 cover)
  • Replacement repeater installed to reduce down-time to a minimum
  • Customer’s own repeater is covered for all parts and labour
  • Once repaired, customer’s repeater is re-installed. 


Choose the Maintenance Plan that best suits your needs.

  1. 24/7 service, 365 days per annum
  2. Business hours service, Monday to Friday, 09.00am to 5.00pm

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