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DCS 2 Way Radio supplies the most up-to-date digital and analogue two way radio products and accessories for your business requirements. All our radios are available for long or short-term hire or purchase. Broadly speaking our radio equipment falls into three distinct areas:

1. Hand portable two way radios

Hand portable two way radio

These are the type of radio you can carry in your hand or slip into a carry case on your belt; some hand portables even fit into your pocket now. They’re ideal for efficient team communication in many different business and leisure groups. 

Choose from the latest hand portable two way radios, from leading brands such as Motorola, Hytera, Icom and Tait. We also provide regular maintenance and servicing if you wish. We’re a one-stop shop for all your hand portable accessories, too – ask us about radio batteries, chargers, antennas, carry cases and earpieces. 

Call 0800 294 7766 for more information about hand portable two way radios and accessories.

2. Mobile radios for vehicles

Mobile radio for vehicle

For people on the go who need to keep in touch with colleagues, installing a mobile two way radio in your vehicle is the ideal solution. Waste Recycling, Taxis, Public Transport and Agriculture are just a few of the industry sectors that have benefitted from DCS 2 Way Radio’s mobile radio experience.

Again, we can supply all the accessories you need for your radio, from antennas and power supply units to microphones, brackets and power plugs. 

Call 0800 294 7766 for more information about mobile radios and accessories.

3. Repeaters

Two way radio repeater

A repeater is essentially a piece of radio equipment that boosts your radio signal. It helps to increase the range over which you can transmit and receive messages. Repeaters are particularly useful in large sites, built up areas, or where the terrain is hilly, where poor signals can limit the radio’s range.

If your team’s radio system operates over a wide area, or where there are many obstructions between radios, you may need one or more repeaters. Don’t worry, our experts will guide you through the whole process to ensure you have the most efficient set up for your two way radio system. We can provide regular maintenance and repair for your repeaters too, for optimum reliability.

Call 0800 294 7766 for more information about repeaters on large sites.

Choosing the right product for the job

The wide choice of features available on today’s radios can be bewildering, but if you’re not sure what you need in your hand portable or mobile two way radio, don’t worry – our friendly experts will guide you through the various options, making sure you and your team are set up and operating your radios competently and with any necessary licences.

We also have an online questionnaire which you can fill out to get some suggestions based on your industry and needs.

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