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Two Way Radios in Manufacturing

We’ve written in the past about the benefits of radio systems over mobile phones, but we recently came across this handy 90 second video from Motorola Solutions, which highlights some other great benefits of radios in a manufacturing environment.

In this scenario, radio proves the clear winner for a number of reasons:

When something goes wrong on site, the radio can transmit an instant alert to a group of radios, taking a fraction of the time that a mobile phone would to communicate individually with the people that really need to know.

The transmit interrupt feature, available on some radios, clears the channel to allow urgent traffic to get through.  In an emergency situation, the supervisor can interrupt conversations to deliver critical information to the departments that need to know. Speedy and simultaneous communication can improve health and safety risks on site when an incident occurs, helping to keep your workers safe.

Manufacturing environments can be noisy places, not best suited to relaying urgent messages on a mobile phone, but enhanced audio features on many two way radios filter the background noise so you can hear (and be heard) clearly, even with lots of noise going on around you.  

The video also highlights the fragility of mobile phones compared to two way radios. A dropped phone stands a good chance of sustaining damage, the last thing you want in an emergency. By contrast, most two way radios are built to withstand a certain amount of rough handling and many are protected against dust and moisture ingress too. On a manufacturing site, this difference alone could make a significant difference to successful communication.

DCS 2 Way Radio has many years’ experience setting up on-site radio systems. If you’d like help to find the right solution for your business, we offer a free consultation and a short online questionnaire to make the task less daunting.

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Released On 7th Jul 2015

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