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Radio Equipment for Hiking & Mountainous Terrain

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Radio Equipment for Hiking & Mountainous Terrain

Britain’s open spaces are popular destinations for many walkers. From moors and downs to hills and mountains, our stunning scenery offers something for independent hikers and organised, guided groups alike.

But our changeable weather and challenging terrain can present dangers as well as beauty.

Two way radios are a useful tool for hikers and climbers in hilly or mountainous terrain who respect the need for safety and good communication, while still enjoying the unexpected challenges of the great outdoors in safety. 

DCS 2 Way Radio can help independent or organised groups of ramblers, hikers and mountain climbers choose robust two way radios for rugged or remote terrain, with particular regard for good battery like and clear audio over long distances. 

See how we helped Mountain Challenge Events

Read a case study of a customer who needed our help choosing two way radios for their business.

1 The Customer

Our customer, Mountain Challenge Events provides professionally guided and fully supported group walks across the Welsh Three Peaks, the Welsh 3000 Challenge and the National Three Peaks Challenge.

2 The Problem

Steve Ogden works for Maintain Challenge. He told us that communications between their team members is vital. Their radios are used for many tasks.

Keeping in contact with the various groups on the mountains is essential. If there’s an injury, the guides need to organise assistance as quickly as possible.

The terrain is tough and often wet, so their mountain guides need robust communication equipment that can operate in any weather and withstand a few knocks. Climbing groups are often several miles away from the event control base, in very hilly terrain, so transmitting messages over a long range can be problematic.

3 The Solution

Having taken care to fully understand Mountain Challenge Events’ needs, we recommended they use Motorola’s DP4400 hand portable radios. There are many reasons why we recommend them as the best two way radios for mountainous terrain:

  • Crystal clear audio quality is far superior to products the company has used in the past
  • Long range – these two way radios have an average range of 11 miles but have reached up to 18 miles in perfect conditions
  • Battery life up to 17 hours – there are no charging facilities once in the mountains so this is paramount
  • These two way radios are submersible (they have an IP rating of IP57), so they can face the elements without any risk of water ingress
  • Temperature range -30 to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • The radios are rugged and reliable, ideal for the hilly and mountainous terrain in which our customer uses them.
  • Radios can be used anywhere in the UK

4 The Result

Steve purchased a quantity of Motorola DP4400 two way radios, which provide the level of equipment required on a regular trip. When larger trips are organised, Steve tops up his fleet of radios by taking advantage of the well-stocked radio hire department at DCS 2 Way Radio Ltd. This provides a cost effective solution and ensures that anyone who needs a radio has one.

Email or call us on 0800 294 7766 for help choosing two way radios for hiking or climbing in hilly or mountainous terrain.

Case Study Overview

Location Three Peaks Challenge
Equipment Motorola DP4000e Series
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Equipment Supplied

Motorola DP4000e Series

The DP4000e Series is designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise.
  • Integrated bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Accelerometer for optional Man Down
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • Improved expandability

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See What They Said

My old analogue radios would cover around 1.5kms at best, and the audio quality was poor with lots of messages garbled or unreadable. We now have digital audio quality and can cover up to 17 miles of terrain.  The hardware is submersible which can cope with the harsh conditions that we are faced with.

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