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Why Hire the Icom PoC Radio System?


The new Icom PoC (Push-to-Talk Over Cellular) LTE radio system is designed to deliver advanced, high-quality communication over a 4G/LTE closed network. With the use of this 4G/LTE mobile phone network, the PoC system provides the great advantage of nationwide coverage without the need for a licence. This closed system also operates from a private LTE network that is unrelated to the internet, providing users with a high level of security when communicating. 

Boasting a range of advantages, Icom’s new PoC radio system has excellent potential for commercial use, with plenty of features that would benefit many sectors. These radios have proven to be an effective solution for 5k’s, 10k’s and marathons, and our team at DCS 2 Way Radio believe they will cover a wide variety of other sectors. 


Main Benefits of the Icom PoC Radio:


  • Nationwide coverage making the radio system ideal for sectors which require long distance communication such as: event management, logistics and courier services, hospitality, conference centres, security, sports events, and the rail network. 
  • Compact and robust radio with IP67 waterproof rating, GPS, Bluetooth and emergency related features including Emergency button and Man Down function. 
  • The ability to record voice messages, prioritise groups of users, and handle conference calls in large groups with both simplex and full duplex communication. 
  • Licence-free private network coverage with no need for the use of repeaters and a wide area network, which reduces costs for the user. 
  • 500 item address book for suitability in larger businesses. 
  • Available with an extensive range of universal solutions to meet the needs of different sectors, from various PTT boxes to Bluetooth headsets. 


We have tested a number of LTE two way radio products and have found that the Icom PoC radio performs the best. If you’re considering two way radio hire for your business and would like to hire the Icom PoC LTE radio, please contact us on 0800 294 7766 for more information. 


Released On 17th Jul 2019

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