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We often get asked the same questions about two way radios, so we're going to endeavour to answer as many of them as we can on this page. If there is a question you think would be helpful to have answered and included here, please contact us and we'll get this added »

What coverage should I expect from my radio?

This is the first question that many people ask and unfortunately there is no simple answer. The range of your radio depends on lots of factors, such as the terrain, the type of radio, whether you're using a repeater, and Ofcom licensing. The best way to deal with this would be to contact one of our team so that we can understand more about your requirements and make some suitable recommendations. 

Digital or analogue?

The emergence of digital radio can add confusion as to which would be the most suitable for them.  Even though the new digital technology provides users with additional features and benefits, there is still a place in the market for analogue radio equipment and should not be discounted. The answer to the question would depend very much on the customers’ requirements.  If range, audio quality and future proofing are at the top of the list then digital should be used.  Alternatively if cost is top of the list then analogue should certainly be considered.

How long does a battery pack last on a hand portable radio?

This is dependent on how much the radio is used but on average you should expect to get 10-12 hours use out of a fully charged battery. You might be interested in our helpful article, Tips for recharging your two way radio battery.


The short answer is that VHF is considered better for outdoor coverage and UHF is most suitable for in-building coverage. We cover this topic in more detail in our article, VHF or UHF two way radio? 

Which radio should I choose?

Again this is totally dependent on what your own particular requirements are and we would certainly recommend discussing this with one of our team or using our online questionnaire.  It is best to spend 5 minutes of your time doing this rather than making a costly mistake guessing.

Can you programme two way radios?

We can programme your radios to an individual frequency at your request as long as you provide us with an active license from Ofcom (if you need help obtaining a license from Ofcom we can assist with this, too).

This is a service we offer to both existing and new customers, so even if you didn’t buy your radios from us, get in touch for help.

Our highly trained experts can programme most major brands of two way radios, including Motorola, Kenwood and Hytera.

Examples of what we can programme for you:

  • Frequency
  • Channel name
  • Caller Identification
  • Power levels
  • Emergency

We can also set up any extra value added features that you want your radios to have (such as emergency, caller identification etc.).

Still need help? get in touch »

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