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Short Term Radio Hire for Events

If you are planning an event for next year whether that be a community event or a large festival, we can supply you with a short-term radio hire package that has everything you need. We know how stressful events can be, worrying about safety, organisation and the overall happiness of guests, but with our support, you can ensure everything runs smoothly.

Types of Events

Purchasing two-way radios for a short term or one-off events rarely make financial sense. That’s why our short-term radio hire packages are perfect for events such as:

  • Festivals
  • Charity Events
  • Village Fairs
  • Concert
  • Community Events
  • Sporting Fixtures

 Radio Hire Packages

We will advise you on which two-way radio system is most suitable for your event/business. Our radio hire packages include all the equipment you need to ensure everything goes to plan.

  • Up-to-date models/technology
  • Charged and tested before dispatch
  • Radio equipment with ecofriendly re-chargeable batteries
  • Licensing
  • A carry case or belt
  • Compatible charging device
  • Includes the use of our Ofcom approved hire frequencies

Motorola SL1600 Digital Handheld Radio 

We offer two different radios in our short-term hire packages, the Motorola SL1600 being one. This digital handheld radio features and benefits from a range max receiver, ultra-slim, louder audio and reduced maintenance, active view display, 99 channels and includes emergency call function. The SL1600 is the perfect for any industry sector or event.

Motorola DP4400e Digital Handheld Radio 

The second radio we supply in our short-term hire packages is the Motorola DP4400e, designed for skilled professionals who refuse to compromise on quality and performance. The DP44000e two-way radio features dual-mode, increased talk time by 40%, lightweight, 14.5-hour battery life, enhanced audio quality, emergency call function and static and background noise rejection. This next-generation radio delivers complete connectivity to your business or organization.

For short term seasonal or annual events, hiring radios short-term may be the most cost-effective solution to increase your events communication, safety and overall organization. To find out more information about our two-way radio hire packages contact us on 0800 294 7766 or visit our website. 


Released On 3rd Jan 2020

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