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COVID and how this is changing the way we do business.


As you all may or may not know, the Government has recently released its COVID-19 plan. You are part of this plan being a business owner or a recent employee coming off the Furlough Scheme and returning back to work.

The way we do, and conduct business has changed, we can no longer go about our daily or working lives as we did PRE-COVID-19. All businesses face challenges as do employees. We all need to club together and make sure we are working safely during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

There are many, many challenges that we all must face, some being:

  • Establish a crisis team to ensure continuity and less negative impact.
  • Ensure the safety of all employees.
  • Contingency plans for critical roles should employees become ill.
  • Splitting teams.
  • Be flexible with working arrangements.


As you can see, communication is highlighted in bold. This is because communication is absolutely the key to success within any business. Here at DCS 2 Way Radios, we offer a solution for many businesses. We can keep the communication flowing within your business and at the same time avoid face-face interactions where possible. This is our way of helping businesses run smoothly through COVID-19.

Don’t forget, we have to make sure you are safely using your radio too. Here are some tips:

  • Follow your radio and COVID-19 cleaning procedures.
  • Assign individual radios to employees that won’t be used by anyone else.
  • Assign accessories to employees that won’t be used by anyone else.

If you would like to read more about ‘Working Safely During COVID-19’ you can visit the Government Website.

If you would like us to help you work safely, keep the communication flowing and give you advice on how to manage this in a safe way give us a call today.

Released On 14th Jul 2020

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