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DCS 2 Way Radio Ltd realises that many businesses require a communications solution to gain those vital benefits that a radio system provides, but the capital expenditure just might not be available to make that investment.  Looking at a way of financing a new radio system is another job on the ever growing list of things to do. Thats why we have teamed up with LDF Supplier Finance as it takes the hassle away from obtaining a competitive finance quotation.

Why finance?

  • Maintains cash flow - There's no impact on existing credit lines, making further borrowing easier to obtain.
  • Fixed payments - Our finance payments are fixed from day one for the life of the term, combating any future interest rate rises and simplifying your budgeting.
  • 100% finance - Agreements can have equal repayments throughout the term with no requirement for large up front deposits that effect cash flow.
  • Tax advantages - All rentals are 100% allowable against tax and with banks continually reducing overdrafts and loans, leasing is often considered the most efficient way to acquire new equipment.
  • Enables larger purchasing - Because leasing spreads the cost of purchase, you may now be able to afford more than you previously thought.
  • Secured against equipment purchased - These leaves other business or personal assets untouched and avoid fees associated with securing finance against property.
  • Existing credit lines unaffected - All agreements are "stand alone" leaving current credit facilities in place.  Leasing also removes any need to purchase with a business overdraft, which given the term that the equipment will be required may prove expensive and unnecessary.
If you are interesting in finance or lease then please call us for more information on 0800 294 7766
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